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group of people holding a large check

Fundraising for the Community

SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs and other local businesses raised funds for the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District in its goal to provide "CPR Anytime" and "Stop the Bleed" kits for the community. We want to help keep our community safe! 

man and girl on golf cart during parade

Work-Life Balance

A positive work life balance can mean something different to every employee. Whether that balance includes more time with family or exploring one’s hobbies, SERVPRO wants to provide and support that time and space. With our mission to always be Here to help®, some employees are on call to take phone calls and restore homes and commercial spaces at any time. If they are not, however, they are encouraged to leave their work duties at the door. Company marketing events, such as parades and cookouts, are also kid and family-friendly, which further promotes a work-life balance. If this balance is something that interests you, please email your resume to

A containment on a walkway to contain smoke-related damage in.

Containments are the TRUE Hero!

When our team sets up a containment while on a job affected by fire, it directs the airflow from the air movers to the affected areas. The contaminant encapsulates any debris that comes off a surface and keeps it in the affected area, which helps speed the process up. We mainly use containment to remove the chance of smoke damage to unaffected areas. We use this on multiple jobs types; for example, we use containment for water-related damage. It is used to control where the air is flowing to, which, when appropriately directed, allows the drying speed to decrease. 

The Attic in business after the roof was struck by Lighting

Lighting Strikes Your Business, We Will Strike Back!

After being struck by lighting, this business had a large amount of secondary created by the water seeping into the structure's attic. This causes the likelihood of microbial growth as the moisture and the ideal temperatures make the perfect environment for mold to spread in. Another problem that was critical in this case was the removal of insulation. When insulation gets wet, it decreases the efficiency, with the only solution is to remove the remaining insulation.  

Manufacturing Facility Covered with Mud and Water

No Large Loss Job Too Big

We were called in to help a manufacturing facility after a pipe had ruptured, sending water and mud all over the floors. Our team worked alongside the companies employees to help expedite the duration of the project to ensure the company could reopen as soon as possible. This project took all hands on deck to complete, but it showed our commercial clients that no project was too big to intimidate our crew. Our team of professionals is ready for anything, whether a pipe bursting or a complete demo. Our team has the expertise to handle any of your project’s needs. 

Man holding SERVPRO Holiday Basket

Building Commercial Connections

A client might never need our services, or they may have already used us before. The important thing for them to know is that we will always be there for them. Whether for a particular service or celebrating a milestone with them, we want to make our contacts feel valued as our clients, so moments like this, the simple joy of receiving a holiday basket, can lift spirits. As a marketing team, we come together and think of ways to extend a helping hand to our clients, whether helpful swag material or free lunch on us. Thanks for letting SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs be an active part of your life.

Equipment Set-Up

Software Says Two Air Movers!

Pipe leak affected carpet flooring on the 2nd-floor hallway, master bedroom, and master closet. The homeowner had already removed carpet and pad from the master bedroom closet, so, in that room, they had to dry the subfloor. Pictures are taken every day that our technicians are on the job site arrive on the job site. Our Project Manager went in to do a visual assessment and, after entering all the notes into our proprietary software, which shows us the total number of equipment pieces we need and where we should place them. This software is easy to use, and it provides a straightforward explanation of what needs to get done. This is critical as then our project manager will then tell the technicians who perform the labor the steps to take and how much of each equipment they will need.

house with windows

The Importance of Acting Fast

This home is an excellent example of how primary damage can escalate rapidly, causing secondary damage. When we talk about the importance of acting fast to prevent the escalation of secondary damage, we mean. This home had roof damage caused by a massive storm that made it easy for water to seep in. The instance of water seeping in mixed with the warm heat of summer created the perfect conditions for microbial growth. This is why we had to use a containment between the upstairs and downstairs out of safety for the homeowners. 

If you ever need our help, call SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs at 816-224-5300. 

Hole in ceiling caused by tree falling on top.

SERVPRO is Like Mother Nature's Undo Button

When strong winds come knocking trees down onto your roof, I hope you think about asking SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs to come help restore your home. Our crew of professionals had the opportunity to help do some storm cleanup for this job. A tree fell on this person’s roof, causing the ceiling to cave into the master bedroom. We assisted our client throughout every step of the process, from the time you call to when you can accept your contents back. Our team would like to help your family during this troublesome time. 

CALL OUR OFFICE AT (816) 224-5300

Fire at a local school

We are ONE Team!

Our team at SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs recently helped out at SERVPRO of Marshall, Columbia and Sedalia with a fire at a local School. Our teams joined forces to help complete the first of many stages of this job. We were very excited to help this location with this project as we are owned by the same person, Brian Meyer. Although we might be in different places, we will always be willing to help out another SERVPRO outside our region. That is what separates SERVPRO from our competitors, which is our drive to be one giant team.

Group of Community Members Celebrating Brian Meyer Becoming Owner

Ribbon Cutting Celebration!

Last week we celebrated our newest franchise location in Oak Grove, MO, with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House. The event turnout was HUGE! Thirty-nine visitors represent Oak Grove, Grain Valley, Blue Springs, and Independence businesses. Our owner, Brian Meyer, was on hand to talk with everyone about community involvement, his history as a franchise owner, and our mission to provide our communities with quality services. Travis Stickles, our General Manager, provided a tour of the facility and explained the services we provide to all. We look forward to building solid and lasting relationships from now on and giving you the best services any time those unexpected events happen in life. Call us anytime, day or night, and we’ll “Like it never even happened.” Thanks to all.....Ryan and Kimberly

Posing With Holiday Baskets

We LOVE the Holiday Season!

Each year, all of our Sales and Marketing Representatives come together to create baskets in the spirit of the holidays. This is an excellent way for our marketing staff to get to know one another as we don’t meet besides our Monday Zoom meetings. We wanted the baskets to include products only found within our SERVPRO region. Some of which included canned wine, beef sticks, freeze-dried Skittles, and more!

a man pulling desiccant tubing through the ceiling.

Desiccant Tubing

The desiccant is utilized for bringing space back to a state of dryness. The tubing is used to help direct the airflow throughout a building. This can be used after a storm or water damage. 



This is a generator that is trailer-mounted and EPA certified. We utilize generators to power other equipment like our desiccant. It can also provide supplemental power to facilities after a storm, water disaster, or fire. This allows for quick emergency response, letting the mitigation processes begin.

A stack of air movers

Air Movers

These air movers are used for residential and commercial jobs for water losses. They help bring a place back to a state of dryness. The benefit of the updated design is that they are lightweight, stackable, and efficient.



Our desiccant aids the process of bringing the affected area back to a state of dryness and is mainly used for commercial losses. More specifically, it helps mitigate water damage.

a man in PPE holding a thermal fogger

Thermal Fogger

A thermal fogger recreates the act of penetration and follows the same path of the smoke from a fire to deodorize. This piece of equipment is great for homes and businesses.

Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator

This is an ozone machine and it is utilized for odors in fire and biohazard jobs. The generator works to make O2 to O3 by splitting O2 and making a weak relationship with another O2 molecule. The machine requires at least 24 hours to work effectively.

A man in personal protective equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

This is an example of our Personal Protective Equipment which is utilized for mold and bio jobs. We aim to provide our professional team members the necessary tools to succeed at every job they complete. As restorers and as professionals, our team members need to be prepared for potentially hazardous conditions.

Matterport Camera

Matterport Camera

The Matterport camera allows for 360 degrees of photos, creating full floor plans. This gives a virtual reality experience, so it feels like you are on the property. This storytelling method lets people better access the source of the issue as well as assess damages.

A woman holding a moisture meter

Moisture Meter

This is a moisture meter and it is utilized during a job to monitor the progress made during water damage jobs. There are sharp prongs on the device that are stuck into drywall and other materials to test the moisture content. The prongs can be removed and the flat surface of the meter can be utilized for moisture mapping.

A dehumidifier

A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is an electrical appliance that reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air, usually for health or comfort reasons or to eliminate musty odor and to prevent the growth of mildew by extracting water from the air. For our team, this piece of equipment is essential during water damage jobs and it assists with getting the space back to a state of dryness.

An employee using an ice blaster on a wall

Dry Ice Blaster for Vandalism Removal

A dry ice blaster is used in the case of graffiti and mold removal. This blasting method effectively removes paints and mold from services without creating a byproduct like what media blasting does. This means there is no mess to clean up!

Two people setting up the floor mat drying system

Floor Mat Drying System

This is our injectidry mat system that is used to force air into the natural crevices of the wood, so the flooring can be saved instead of being replaced from water damage. The mats distribute air down into the floor so that the flooring can get back to a state of dryness to prevent buckling or cracking.

Extractor sucking up water

Extractor Mitigating Water Damage

Our water extractor is a staple for our water jobs. The extractor quickly sucks up standing water to get the property back to a state of dryness. Once the extraction of excess water is complete, air movers and dehumidifiers are set to get the property back to normal. Extraction helps speed up the mitigation process and helps to prevent microbial growth.

ULV Mister

ULV Mister

Our ULV mister is a typer of disinfectant sprayer that is a staple for our cleaning to disinfect services. With the number of COVID cases continuing to increase, we are ready to help make sure businesses feel safe during these times. This item can be used to take the liquid product and create a directed mist for any surface.

A board-up on a commercial building

Board-up on a Commercial Property

A board-up is done after a fire or storm to help prevent further damage to the facility. It minimizes property loss by securing the building and taking care f restorable and reusable elements. A natural disaster can leave your facility vulnerable to problems such as vandalism, theft, and unwanted entry. SERVPRO franchise professionals care about proper restoration and board-ups of your property, and in most damage situations, our team can safely restore to preloss conditions in a timely manner no matter the size of the property. Our team is here to help.

Commercial Kitchen Fire

This commercial kitchen suffered a small fire.  Even a small fire can cause significant smoke and soot damage. Many businesses are at risk for a fire, especially when they lease older buildings in need of repairs.  We know how devastating a fire can be to a business, so it is always our goal to get yo back up and running right away.

Residential fire damage

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Restore > Replace

At SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs, we favor restoration over replacement. But no matter what your cleanup needs may be, you can trust that we'll get the job done.

Drying Mats On Hardwood Floor

Water can seep through the slats in your hardwood floor and become trapped underneath the flooring. We use drying mats like the ones pictured here when it is possible to help extract the trapped moisture. 

Water damage finished basement

If water has taken over your home, you need the team at SERVPRO! We will respond quickly and start our restoration process right away. SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs has the experience, specialized equipment, and advanced training to restore your home to pre-damage condition.