Recent Before & After Photos

Tackling What Needed to Get Done!

A fire that started on the 6th-floor closet caused the sprinklers to go off on that floor. Since the sprinkler system was running, there was a decent amount of ... READ MORE

SERVPROs Joining Forces to Help Storm Victims

When a rather powerful storm came through the region, we were asked by other SERVPROs in the area to help with the property damage. This was a job completed out... READ MORE

Not Even Mother Nature Could Discourage Our Team!

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather, and sometimes mother nature hits us with the worse she has. When one of the worst storms swept through the midwest... READ MORE

Being a Landlord is Stressful. Let us Help!

Being a landlord, you are responsible for dealing with any accidents caused by a tenant, which can be a very stressful job. To learn about our Emergency Ready P... READ MORE

Toilet Backed Up? NOT A PROBLEM!

We might receive a call of help at a moment's notice, and our goal is always to be there. One of our commercial jobs entailed cleaning up after a toilet had bac... READ MORE

Got Mold? We Have the Solution!

Months after a widespread storm, one of our clients noticed some microbial growth near the entrance of their establishment. Our project manager went out to the ... READ MORE

We Can Fix Those Accidental Moments!

The client called our team of professionals to a job where the homeowner had left the sink was left running, which caused flooding. The water was absorbed into ... READ MORE

All Hands On Deck To Get It Completed

When a client has a deadline that they want to meet to ensure they can reopen successfully, we will do everything in our power to meet that deadline. For this l... READ MORE

Water Heater Burst? Don't Worry We Have Your Back!

We received a call from a client talking about how the water heater in their basement had burst. Our Project Manager went to the job to understand what needed t... READ MORE

The Wash Cycle for your Home

A customer called SERVPRO of East Independence/Blue Springs our team, for assistance with a water leak in a family’s laundry room. The water seeped into o... READ MORE